Turn every localhost

into a reachable host

Expose local HTTP and TCP services securely on dedicated static infrastructure for collaboration, webhook testing, ingress and VPC peering.

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Access every computer and server.

Kokomo makes your local services - like APIs and databases - securely available over the Internet even when there is no ingress connectivity.

All HTTP and TCP traffic

You can expose everything, like HTTP, gRPC, GQL APIs, WebSockets and also databases like Redis, Mongo, Postgres, MySQL, Cassandra and more.

Dedicated infrastructure, IP and DNS

Using the Kokomo agent CLI, you can expose every service through ad-hoc dedicated infrastructure, for performance, security and ease of reachability.

1-Click installation + CI/CD automation

Using Kokomo is as easy as downloading the CLI agent application and running it on your computer, everything is provisioned on the fly for you.

Ingress, Webhooks, Collaboration

With Kokomo you can create ingresses to servers, easily develop webhooks locally and expose your applications and APIs to other collaborators.

Native logging GUI

Explore all the requests that you are receiving directly from Kokomo thanks to the native logging capability for both HTTP and TCP traffic.

Mutual TLS + Privacy

Secure your edge with mTLS, in addition to TLS security between the Kokomo agent and our infra. Kokomo is privacy-first and your traffic is secure.

Expose HTTP + TCP Traffic

There are no limits to what you can expose from your local machine, every API protocol, database and web server can be exposed to the Internet.

Expose everything.
You can expose all HTTP + TCP traffic for every application, API and database that you are hosting locally so that you are not limited to only specific protocols.
Dedicated static IP.
Kokomo always provisions a dedicated static IP address for each exposed service that also allows you to setup reliable DNS records that point to your computer.
Windows, Mac and Linux.
You can expose your computer to the Internet with the portable Kokomo CLI that works everywhere, and that allows you to expose your services in 1-click.
# Exposing a local service running on port 9000
# by using the Kokomo CLI agent

$ kokomo --local-port 9000 --api-key [KOKOMO APIKEY]

Success! Kokomo has exposed your local port 9000 at:

- Public static address:
- Region: USA

You can now accept requests.

Press <CTRL+C> to terminate.

Manage Security & See Logs

Securely exposes your services by optionally uploading your custom TLS certificate and private key, and visualize traffic logs directly from Kokomo.

Custom mTLS and IP firewall.
You can secure access to your local services by choosing to upload mTLS certificates for your services, and setup IP firewalling.
Custom port mapping.
You can customize the port mapping for your services, so that while a service may be listening on a certain local port, it can accept requests on another remote port.
Native traffic logging.
Natively inspect traffic logs for all HTTP and TCP requests directly from Kokomo for ease of use and debuggability.
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For Ingress, Webhooks & More

Kokomo can be used to easily test any webhook functionality locally, or to expose your computer or servers for rapid testing, collaboration and validation.

Build with your team.
Accelerate your productivity by sharing your local services with your team so that you can build faster without having to deal with servers and their configuration.
Share early previews.
You can quickly create a high performant Kokomo tunnel to expose your applications with beta testers and early users and validate your products quicker.
Test webhooks locally.
You can securely implement and test webhook capabilities by using the Kokomo public address as the destination URL and proxy webhook traffic locally.
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Expose your localhost in 1-click.

Kokomo is available with a 7-day free trial that allows you to expose your localhost for free over the Internet.